Meet Mabel

Mabel Sagüés grew up in Cauquenes, Maule region, central – southern Chile, the former coastal dryland vineyard area. Together with her 4 brothers and sisters, she explored the hills and corners of the farm where she lived, learning to know, appreciate and love nature and animals.

She studied tourism and more than 10 years ago she moved to San Pedro de Atacama, where she guides and organizes programs for tourists who want to explore this area. She is passionate about the history and geography of this desert, researching and studying the information that she then delivers on her trips, and that makes them an entertaining, varied and very enriching experience. Being a professional guide and, with a solid outdoor training, she has been able to apply her outdoor skills, combining them with her knowledge of the area and experience, offering safe and unique services, focused on providing a tailor-made service to the travellers. She is a skilled rider, able to advise the best horse for each person and of course the route that will make your trip unforgettable.